First post!!

This blog was created for a course that I’m currently taking at Kutztown University – Activists Writing Media. I chose to take this course for a few reasons. Along with being an English secondary education major, I’m also working towards minoring in women’s and gender studies. I needed one last big thing to complete my minor, and my fantastic adviser who I love told me that I could take this course and analyze what I could through a women’s and gender studies lens. It was perfect – the course fit perfectly into my schedule and also fulfilled another requirement that I needed. Before she even suggested that to me, however, I saw the course and its description and thought that it sounded super interesting. With everything that’s been going on politically and socially, I’ve been wanting to become more of a vocal activist instead of just a passive one. I also want to become more educated about more topics so that I can speak and write about them with dignity. All of the signs pointed to me taking this class, so here I am.


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