More Rise of the Blogosphere

In the beginning of Chapter 6 of The Rise of the Blogosphere,  titled The Rise of Professional Journalism, Barlow speaks about yet another change that occurred in the early days of the journalism industry. He says, “This is the first period in which technological changes… had tremendous impact on journalism” and that the second period “is the one we are experiencing right now” (67). Though the book was published in 2007,  I think that the second part of his quote is applicable to the technological changes that have gone on in 2016 and are continuing to go on in 2017.

His quote specifically made me think about the recent rise in live streaming. Anyone with a smart phone and a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account (and probably more social media platform accounts) can stream what is going on in their life. To be honest, at face value it seems like it could be kind of annoying. I don’t really want to see low quality videos of a concert from the nosebleed section or something of the like. But people have been using this feature to live stream events like protests and we get to see what is going on from a perspective that the mainstream media would not be able to give us. It’s been used at Standing Rock and at the Women’s March, just to name a few, and I think it’s an incredible way for people to see first hand what is going on. It’s something we didn’t really have access to a few years ago and I believe that it’s going to continue to change the way we view what’s being shared and what is going on in the politically charged world around us.


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