Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood

My final project for the class that I created my blog for is focused on, in a nutshell, the way that reproductive rights are being threatened under the Trump administration.

In my first post of the series of four that I wrote, I write about Trump’s plans to defund Planned Parenthood and to limit women’s access to healthcare. I leave readers with the question as to why more people don’t seem to care about problems that are deemed “women’s problems.”

My second post focuses on some of the movements that came out of the threat to defund the organization, including several hashtags that were used on Twitter, some of which I even participated in.


Photo by: Beth Kanter, “Planned Parenthood Fan Page Profile Photo”, (CC BY 2.0), via flickr

While my second post focuses mostly on media movements, my third one focuses on the outpouring of support in the form of monetary donations that Planned Parenthood received in the wake of the election, because tweeting can only do so much.

My fourth and final post serves to remind American women that we aren’t being the only ones affected by this administration’s actions. I write about the reinstatement of the global gag rule, a policy that prevents any nongovernmental organizations that are funded by the US, many of which are in developing countries, to even mention the word “abortion.”

Our rights and our healthcare are at risk now more than ever, all thanks to the Trump administration, and we need to fight back harder than we ever have before.


We’re Persisting – The Money

Beyond tweeting and showing support on social media for Planned Parenthood, which is what I wrote about in my last post, supporters of the organization banded together, organized, and showed their solidarity in so many different ways, one of which being by donating.

According to The Atlantic, after the election (before he was even inaugurated!!!), “organizations whose agendas counter those proposed by President-elect Donald Trump,” like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, received an outpouring of donations and volunteer applications.

The ACLU received “roughly 120,000 donations totaling more than $7.2 million” in only five days!! That’s crazy!!

AND, in the first three days after the election, Planned Parenthood received almost 80,000 donations!!! That’s also crazy!! Cecile Richards, the organization’s president, called it “unprecedented.”

Individuals weren’t the only ones donating to these organizations, though. Several different companies got in on the action, a few of them being record labels. Run For Cover Records and Tiny Engines both opened up their catalogs on Bandcamp, an online platform for sharing and selling music, as pay-what-you-want with all of their proceeds going to Planned Parenthood and, in Tiny Engine’s case, the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well. Additionally, Run For Cover Records promised to match the donations up to $5,000.

It’s so obvious that people care about organizations like Planned Parenthood – so many people want to help. If anything good has come out of the election, it’s the fact that people are showing how much they care, banding together, and taking action now more than ever before.